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Question 10

September 16, 2009

This victory was voted the greatest sporting moment of the 20th century. Popularly known as ‘The Miracle on Ice’ it has inspired numerous movies such as Kurt Russel’s ‘Miracle’ released in 2004 and Karl Malden’s ‘Miracle on Ice’ released in 1981. This match was played at the Olympic centre (now known as Herb Brook’s arena) during the round robin medal round in Lake Placid (New York) during the 1980 winter Olympics. Which match am I talking about?


Question 2

September 15, 2009

X is the oldest continuous Olympic team sport. Seven players from each team (six field players and a goalkeeper) are allowed in the playing area during game play. Visiting team field players wear numbered and usually white caps, and home team field players wear usually dark blue caps. Both goalies wear quartered red caps, numbered “1”. The game consists of various moves known as the front crawl, the scissor kick and egg beater. What sport  am I talking about?