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Question 14

September 17, 2009

X is a fictional character created in 1952 by Ian Fleming who featured him in 12 novels and 2 short story collections. After Fleming’s death X novels were written by Kingsley Amis, John Pearson, John Gardner, Raymond Benson and Sebastian Faulks. The character has also been used in the longest running and most financially successful English language film franchise to date, starting in 1962 with Dr. No.


Question 6

September 16, 2009

X is a short story written by Scott Fitzgerald and first published in Colliers Magazine during 1921. Development rights to the story were held for years by the late Hollywood mogul Ray Stark. He retained those rights until his death, when they were purchased from his estate and used for an adaption of the story as the 2008 film of the same name, which was directed by David Fincher. What is X?