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Question 16

September 17, 2009

Y is a board game published by the Parker Brothers. According to Hasbro ever since the game was patented in 1935 more than 750 million people have played it, making it the most played board game in the world. Games Magazine has also inducted the game into its hall of fame. The mascot for the game is a moustached man wearing a monocle and morning dress named Rich Uncle Pennybags. He is often refered to as Mr. Y. What is Y?


Question 12

September 16, 2009

X  is a board game which received the Speil des Jahres (“Game of the Year”) award in 1983. The game is published by Milton Bradely in the United States and Ravensburger in Germany and Canada. It is an asymmetric board game in which a team of players work together to track down a hidden criminal. The game is won when a player lands on the same square as the criminal or the players are unable to make any move. What is X?