Question 29

X was a French jurist, poet and author. He has many publications to his credit such as ‘Political History of the United States’, ‘United States and France’  and ‘Memoirs of Franklin’. He is most well remembered however as the intellectual creator of the Statue of Liberty in the New York harbour and its lesser known twins in Paris, and Luxembourg Garden.

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3 Comments on “Question 29”

  1. Ameen Says:

    Edouard de Laboulaye (Hope I’ve got the spelling right…) (This could be considered cheating since I just watched National Treasure: Book of Secrets…)

  2. Ameen Says:

    Am I being annoying? Seeing as I keep posting replies to questions…?

  3. Pranshu Says:

    Ameen you are wrong this time.The answer is august bartholdi…..i gave the question in one of the exquisite practice sessions some weeks back !!

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